Huddersfield A&E

Huddersfield and Halifax both need to keep their blue light 24/7 A&E Departments and all acute and planned care services. Colne Valley Green Party are active in campaigns to stop the proposed cuts to Huddersfield Royal Infirmary. These involve the demolition of HRI and construction of a Private Finance Initiative small 64 bed planned care clinic at Acre Mill, with outpatients and an urgent care centre that won’t accept children under 5. Properly funded, public, comprehensive NHS for all .
We are fighting to keep the NHS as a comprehensive service for everyone with a clinical need, free at the point of use, AND to bring the NHS back in to public hands through a new NHS Reinstatement Bill. This would save the £billions/year that are wasted on the costs of contracting, procurement, etc, and would mean the NHS was again run wholly for patients - not for the profits of private companies providing NHS services. We oppose the cuts- and privatisation - driven “Accountable Care” schemes. 
“Accountable Care” - now rebranded as “Integrated Care” - is a cost-cutting health services business model used by the USA’s Medicare and Medicaid schemes. These provide limited state funded health care for people who are too old, poor or ill to get private health insurance. It is totally inappropriate for the NHS - but it is being introduced in Kirklees and the whole of West Yorkshire too. The aim is to make huge cuts in order to deal with a projected £1bn+ funding shortfall by 2020. Elective care (like hips, knees and cataracts) is to be cut by 10% in 2018/19. We do not want a 2-tier health service, which this would bring about. We welcome and support the Yorkshire and Humber TUC “Oppose Accountable Care motion”, which calls on Councillors to oppose Accountable/Integrated Care in their areas.



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