Colne Valley Green Party on Rail Fares

On the Wednesday 14th August, a few hardy members of the Colne Valley Green Party were braving the weather at Huddersfield railway station handing out leaflets and talking to commuters about their concerns over rail fares and the quality of rail services in the area.

Every year in August, The July RPI Inflation rate figure is used to calculate the fare rise in regulated fares. This year that figure is 2.8%.

Since privatisation 22 years ago, we have had above inflation fare increases and they have risen by 25% in the last 6 years, which is far higher than the average increase in wages of only 12%, and that makes our railways the most expensive in the world.

If our rail network was returned to public ownership - we would save £1.2 billion a year. That’s because we wouldn’t be wasting money on shareholder profits and we would be able to make our railways more efficient.

We were also out earlier in the year (again in the rain) at Slaithwaite and Marsden train stations, handing out leafle…

Our members are active in the fight to save A&E at HRI and the NHS.

At the TUC May Day Rally for The NHS in Huddersfield on the 5th May, Colne Valley Green Party members attended and handed out #NHS4ALL leaflets, chatting to people who wanted to learn more, explain a little about Accountable Care Organisations, now named Integrated Care Services. and mention The NHS Bill and how the NHS should be fully in public hands #PublicNHS

One of our members chatted to a young disabled homeless man called Mathew, who spoke of the importance of HRI to him, and arranged for him to speak to the people listening in the crowd,
Green Party policy is to keep the NHS in public hands and not run for profit.
For more information on our policy in the NHS please see the Green Guarantee on the NHS here:

Huddersfield A&E

Huddersfield and Halifax both need to keep their blue light 24/7 A&E Departments and all acute and planned care services. Colne Valley Green Party are active in campaigns to stop the proposed cuts to Huddersfield Royal Infirmary. These involve the demolition of HRI and construction of a Private Finance Initiative small 64 bed planned care clinic at Acre Mill, with outpatients and an urgent care centre that won’t accept children under 5. Properly funded, public, comprehensive NHS for all . We are fighting to keep the NHS as a comprehensive service for everyone with a clinical need, free at the point of use, AND to bring the NHS back in to public hands through a new NHS Reinstatement Bill. This would save the £billions/year that are wasted on the costs of contracting, procurement, etc, and would mean the NHS was again run wholly for patients - not for the profits of private companies providing NHS services. We oppose the cuts- and privatisation - driven “Accountable Care” schemes.  “A…

Green Party Members help clean up in the Valleys

Green Party members recently took part in a litter pick around Kirkroyd's infant school in New Mill. 3 black bin bags of rubbish were collected! Much of the litter was made of plastic which does not biodegrade and stays in our environment forever.

Fly-Tipping: There has been an increase in fly tipping around Huddersfield especially in rural areas. Fly tipping is not only unsightly but it can be dangerous to people and wildlife. Green Party members report it when they see it and our councillors are actively campaigning to prevent fly tipping and identity ways to deal with the problem.

Some more reported fly tipping at Britannia Rd Milnsbridge: